[NEWS] FASTA export from Sequence Search

We have added new data export functionality. There are now "Export FASTA" and "Export CSV" buttons that appear below the result on the Search Genes and Sequences page. They allow to export gene sequences into these file formats for import into other applications like web-blast or Excel (CSV).

The export is batched, a progress bar will appear while LiceBase is generating your file. Depending on the number of sequences, this might take a while, so make sure you only export the sequences you need by restricting search parameters (e.g. species).

The Feature Search is more general in that it can search sequences of any type (mRNA, polypeptide, cDNA, etc.), while Search Genes and Sequences only searches Genes. Feature Search now also has a FASTA exporter, which will do its best to give you a sequence. This can result in mixed DNA/AA FASTA files if both nucleotide and protein sequences are present in  the search result.

Note: For all exporters you need to perform a search first by setting some filters, even if all sequences or features are displayed initially, the export will be empty when trying to export without any active search. The export is currently limited to 1000 items.


sequence search with Export


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