Latest publications on L. salmonis


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[721] Heritability of Immunity Traits and Resistance of Atlantic Salmon against the Sea Louse Biology 2023
[722] Immune response induced by coinfection of the sea louse Caligus rogercresseyi and the intracellular bacteria Piscirickettsia salmonis in vaccinated Atlantic salmon Journal of fish diseases 2023
[723] Infestation rates of lice Lepeophtheirus salmonis and Caligus elongatus on Atlantic salmon in fixed and towed sentinel cages Diseases of aquatic organisms 2023
[724] Repeated exposure affects susceptibility and responses of Atlantic salmon ( Parasitology 2023
[725] Do DOM quality and origin affect the uptake and accumulation of lipid-soluble contaminants in coastal filter feeders? An experimental simulation of teflubenzuron exposure to blue mussels Aquatic toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 2023
[726] Effects of mine tailing exposure on the development of early life stages of the marine copepod Journal of toxicology and environmental health. Part A 2023
[727] Unmasking microsatellite deceptiveness and debunking hybridization with SNPs in four marine copepod species of Calanus Molecular ecology 2023
[728] Transcriptome analysis revealed immune responses in the kidney of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) co-infected with sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) and infectious salmon anemia virus Fish & shellfish immunology 2023
[729] Pilot Lipidomics Study of Copepods: Investigation of Potential Lipid-Based Biomarkers for the Early Detection and Quantification of the Biological Effects of Climate Change on the Oceanic Food Chain Life (Basel, Switzerland) 2023
[730] Molecular quantification of parasitic sea louse larvae depends on species and life stage Journal of fish diseases 2023