Maintenance downtime Monday, January 11 2016

There will be a scheduled maintenance downtime on Monday starting from 8 a.m. until approximately 3 p.m to perform necessary changes LiceBase and to finally migrate all user accounts to FEIDE.

During the downtime period, all LiceBase services including the genome browser and Blast will be unavailable or unstable. Please remember to log out from LiceBase by 6 am on January 11. We will send out a notification to all users once the the downtime is finshed, as always, this might take less time, but please don't rely on it.

After this update, everyone will require their FEIDE credentials to log in to LiceBase.  To validate that you are still using your old account, please check that you are seeing the checked-user-icon (see attached image) (or the avatar you have chosen for your account). If you see the new-user icon instead (see attached image), please contact us. 

  1. This is the icon you should see when logging in after the update, alternatively you will see the picture you have set for your profile
  2.  if you see this, you have received a new account and are not using the old user settings. If that happens please contact us.

After this date, we can no longer provide support for password recovery, please contact your IT department to change or recover lost passwords.





Best regards

Wei and Michael