[Update] Blast searches under Feature - Homology

We have recently extended and update the pre-computed Blast analyses for all the gene features. From now on, we will run these analyses in a regular interval.

The following Blast analyses are available: 

To see the blast results, navigate to a gene feature (they are not available for transcripts or proteins at the moment, you have to go to the corresponding gene),

and click on the 'Homology' link to the left to open the Homology pane:


The following BLAST results are available for this feature:

To go to a certain analysis click on the link or scoll down. Each analysis has a short explanation with date of execution. Click ont the link to see more details about the analysis, e.g. database, and program version and parameters. The summary tables look like this:

BLAST of EMLSAG00000000001 vs. SwissProt 
Analysis Date: 2017-02-10 (Blastp vs. SwissProt
Total hits: 25

Match Name E-value Identity Description  
gi|12644135|sp|P17207.2|SER3_DROME 1.177880e-25 31.78 RecName: Full=Serine protease 3; AltName: Full=Pro... [more]
gi|125186|sp|P14272.1|KLKB1_RAT 7.895090e-20 27.27 RecName: Full=Plasma kallikrein; AltName: Full=Fle... [more]
gi|118573093|sp|Q7RTY7.2|OVCH1_HUMAN 6.243250e-19 28.78 RecName: Full=Ovochymase-1; Flags: Precursor [more]

Match names are clickable and lead to either Genbank or UniProt pages for this entry. Click [more] to read the full hit description.

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Making hyperlinks to share blast results

If you want to link to a homology entry directly from a file or to share the information via email, you can create links like the ones below:


or this one that goes directly to the SwissProt entry: